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Since 2013, Dutch for Kids teaches pre-schoolers, primary school children, high school children and adults from all over the world, so they can improve or learn the Dutch language.

The Dutch for Kids teachers are all professionally trained teachers or have a university degree in Dutch language and literature. They also have extensive prior experience in teaching, and all live in the Netherlands.

At Dutch for Kids, we pride ourselves on staying informed about the latest educational developments. So you're choosing quality when you sign up for lessons at Dutch for Kids.

Our online Dutch lessons

Mini-Dutchies - Dutch lessons for children aged 3 to 6 years

Dutch Skype lessons for children aged 3 to 6 years

Two lessons of 30 minutes per week. Because concentrating for half an hour is already very good for young children! During the Dutch lessons your child will learn: speak Dutch (faster) Dutch listening comprehension increase Dutch vocabulary All mater.... [read more]

Dutch lessons for children via Skype

Dutch lessons for children via Skype

At the Dutch lessons for children your child will learn to: Speak Dutch Write Dutch Read Dutch All materials that are needed for the lesson will be sent to you by email or post. Based on tests and measurements you’ll get a clear overview of your .... [read more]

Dutch course for adults via Skype

Dutch lessons for adults via Skype

At the Dutch Integration lessons for adults, you’ll learn to talk, write and read Dutch. These classes could be held in preparation for the integration exam. All materials that are needed for the lesson will be sent to you by email or post. On the.... [read more]

This is why you will love Dutch for Kids

The best Dutch lessons

We offer one on one lessons that are fun and challenging, and therefore always match the level of your child.

Teaching materials included

All course material will be emailed to you weekly; this is included in the price.

Time saver

Because the children get 45 min. private lessons at home a week, they have plenty of time for all their other hobbies!


You can pay in instalments of 12, 18 or 36 lessons (school year). You only pay for the classes taken.

Work in themes

Because we work according to a developmental vision, the children get the opportunity to work on interesting themes and current affairs.


Once every six months, you’ll receive a report of the Dutch lessons in which the progress of the children is described.

Our team:

Anouk Hosman
Gijs Hosman
Samantha Braat
Anita van Leerdam
Arianne Verbeek
Camille Nijenhuis - Dutch for Kids
Camille Nijenhuis
Eefje Alkema
Hinke Wijngaard
Hinke Wijngaard
Janneke Kroeze
Karin Wolbers
Larissa Staal
Mariëlle Zaagman - Dutch for Kids
Mariëlle Zaagman
Marjolein Mansheijm
Marrit Postma
Marrit Postma
Martine Pietersma
Nicolette Vlaardingerbroek
Rebecca Theeuwsen
Samantha Bolt
Sarah Hock - Dutch for Kids
Sarah Hock
Vera Eysink

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Na lang tobben over hoe we de Nederlandse taal voor onze kinderen het best konden bijhouden kwamen we “Dutch for Kids” tegen. Dat bleek een uitstekende vondst te zijn, want onze kinderen hebben al enorme vooruitgang geboekt.

Anouk maakt duidelijke doelplannen voor de kinderen per lesblok en zorgt dat die ook gevolgd worden, zodat we weten wat de kinderen gaan bereiken per lesblok. Het lesmateriaal vinden de kinderen heel leuk en de opzet van de lessen is erg gestructureerd.

Anouk houdt de lessen heel boeiend en voelt de kinderen heel goed aan. Onze kinderen hebben compleet verschillende motivatie prikkels en Anouk speelt daar dusdanig op in dat beide kinderen gemotiveerd blijven.

We zijn heel blij dat onze kinderen op deze manier qua Nederlands op leeftijdsniveau bijblijven.

Pascal en Yuhai, ouders van Thijn (9 jaar) en Mees (7 jaar) - Oman

Ik vind dat je fantastisch werk doet, altijd even vrolijk en goed voorbereid. Lara en zelfs Indy vinden het helemaal niet zo’n opgave om te doen.

Margot, moeder van Lara en Indy, Dubai

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Dutch for Kids Goals

For children under the age of 12 our goal is to teach children how to speak, read and write Dutch at the level of the Dutch primary schools.

For our older children and adults we’ll set personal goals.

What will you learn

    At Dutch for Kids you will:
  • learn to speak Dutch
  • learn to write Dutch
  • learn to apply Dutch spelling and grammar

Suitable for every child

Each lesson follows on from the level and perception of your child. This makes the lessons challenging and so they remain fun.

See your child progress

All children who are learning Dutch abroad receive an individual goal plan periodically. At the end of a period, we test every child so that progress is exactly measured.

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