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With over 10 years of experience and interactive teaching methods, we help your child learn Dutch in a fun way, which promotes their academic and personal development.

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One-on-one online Dutch lessons

We give online lessons to Dutch-speaking children and adults who live abroad. We also teach Dutch to non-Dutch-speaking children who live in the Netherlands or abroad and want to speak the language well. Your child can start at any level with us.

Will you move abroad with your family soon, or have you emigrated some time ago? Then you can sign your son or daughter up for a free trial lesson at Dutch for Kids. After the trial lesson, we will indicate which starting level suits your child.

For example, the lesson goal can be that your child wants to enter a Dutch (primary) school without any problems after a period of residence abroad. As a result of the Dutch online lessons with Dutch for Kids, your child will quickly feel at home in the Netherlands.

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This is why you’ll love Dutch for Kids

The best Dutch lessons

We offer one-on-one, fun, challenging lessons that match your child’s level.

Teaching materials included

All course material will be emailed to you weekly; this is included in the price.

Time saver

Because the children get 45 min of private lessons at home a week, they have plenty of time for all their other hobbies!


You can pay in installments of 12, 18, or 36 lessons (school year). You only pay for the classes taken.

Theme based

Because we work according to a developmental vision, the children can work on exciting themes and current affairs.


Twice per year, you’ll receive a report of the Dutch lessons in which the children’s progress is described.

Our Team

Anouk Hosman
Gijs Hosman
Samantha Braat
Amarins - Dutch for Kids
Amarins Postma
Anita van Leerdam
Anna - Dutch for Kids
Anna Sander
Annemarie Lueks
Arianne Verbeek
Camille - Dutch for Kids
Camille Nijenhuis
Hanneke - Dutch for Kids
Hanneke Aker
Hinke Wijngaard
Inge - Dutch for Kids
Inge Darquennes
Jolanda - Dutch for Kids
Jolanda Smeets
Marielle - Dutch for Kids
Mariëlle Zaagman
Marjolein - Dutch for Kids
Marjolein Mansheijm
Marrit - Dutch for Kids
Marrit Postma
Martine - Dutch for Kids
Martine Pietersma
Nicolette Vlaardingerbroek
Pauline - Dutch for Kids
Pauline Groenenberg
Rebecca van Leeuwen - Docent bij Dutch for Kids
Rebecca van Leeuwen
Susanne - Dutch for Kids
Susanne Kolff
Vera - Dutch for Kids
Vera Eysink

Free trial lesson

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Make an appointment for a free conversation and trial lesson. You can start during any week of the school year.

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Het gaat zo goed! Bedankt!

Mijn lieve Nasha is helemaal weg van jou! Je huiswerk is al klaar! Ze wil aan opa en oma laten zien wat ze al allemaal kan. Haar docent Nederlands hier in Kampala vond het ook heel leuk dat Nasha op haar boodschappenlijstje ‘pir’ had geschreven. Het gaat zo goed! Bedankt!
moeder van Nasha (4 jaar), Kampala

Zivansh got the highest grade possible

I remember the first lesson with Anouk when Zivansh could barely communicate in Dutch. Anouk did a fantastic job teaching Zivansh with all the love and care. And Samantha has done an amazing job preparing Zivansh for his GCSE exams. Zivansh got the highest grade possible, an A* with 91%. I cannot thank you all enough.
Vader van Amit, een leerling op The British School – Nederland

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What are the goals of Dutch for Kids?

Dutch for Kids Goals

The great thing about giving private lessons is that we provide each child with the education they need.

We can often set the goal with the children at Dutch for Kids: to speak, write and read Dutch at the level of Dutch peers.

Other times we create personal goals to get up to speed with the Dutch language as quickly as possible.

What do you learn in the online Dutch lessons of Dutch for Kids?

What do you learn in the online Dutch lessons of Dutch for Kids?

Every week we work on a new exciting theme.

In our online lessons we pay attention to:

  • speak Dutch
  • write Dutch
  • to apply the correct Dutch spelling and grammar
  • reading comprehension and vocabulary
Online Dutch lessons at Dutch for Kids are suitable for every child.

Are the Dutch online lessons suitable for every child?

Each child works on their own level with us. The lesson material is fun and colorful.

In each lesson, we focus on a new theme.

We ensure that the topics of the themes align with your child’s level and experience.

This makes the lessons both compelling and challenging.

See your child’s progress

We test all children that follow the Dutch online lessons at Dutch for Kids twice a year. Then, we share the test results with the parents and the children.

Based on this, we can see how well your child has progressed over the past period.