Gebruik van Squla bij Dutch for Kids

At Dutch for Kids, we believe in learning while having fun! That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Squla as part of our lessons.

Squla is a fantastic online platform where you can practice various subjects in an enjoyable way. Our students can access it for free during Dutch school hours, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

With Squla, there’s so much to learn, from language and math to a whole lot more. It’s not just educational; it’s also loads of fun! You can create your own avatar and earn points by completing tasks. This keeps you motivated to learn and improve yourself.

At Dutch for Kids, we see Squla as a handy extra tool. After the lesson, we can further practice certain topics together. So if, for example, you’re struggling with d’s and t’s, we can work on that a bit more with Squla.

But Squla isn’t just for kids who need a little extra help. It’s also great for those who love challenges. With Squla, you can tackle tougher assignments and keep pushing yourself.

In short, Squla is a great way to improve your Dutch language skills alongside your online Dutch lessons. Join Dutch for Kids and immediately dive into the exciting world of Squla!

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