Dutch for Kids for Schools – National Program Education

Dutch for Kids voor scholen - Nationaal Onderwijs Programma Taallessen voor kinderen tijdens schooltijd bijles voor kinderen

Dutch for Kids helps children who have fallen behind as a result of the lockdown. We can do this because the government has reserved money: National Education Program. 

The government has done this because, despite the Corona crisis, the current generation of students also deserves every opportunity for full education and opportunities for the future.


We provide online tutoring in all language areas. So of speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary. For every age group, during school time.

These lessons are specially tailored for children where the teacher noted he/or she needs extra help with Dutch. The student needs extra support in any area in terms of the Dutch language and we will help him or her with that.

The student leaves the classroom several times a week. He or she does his Dutch for Kids lesson via Zoom in a quiet spot in the school, with one of our certified teachers.

What does the student need? 

  • A quiet workspace and well-functioning internet. This way your student can work undisturbed with one of the teachers of Dutch for Kids for 30 or 45 minutes per lesson.
  • A printer to print out teaching materials that can be written on during class.
  • A folder in which the teaching materials and homework can be stored.
  • We need 1 contact person from the school. This helps the children to be ready for class on time, ensures a quiet working environment and, if necessary, provides feedback to the group teacher. For example, an administrative assistant, a teaching assistant or a concierge. He or she does not have to be present at the (entire) lesson.

We work with blocks of 12, 18 or 36 lessons per student. In this way, the student can receive lessons once a week during school hours. The frequency can also be increased to 2 or 3 times a week.

You can choose to give the student extra homework, or only work during class.

Summer school

It is also possible to let the students continue during the summer period. This, of course, in consultation with our teachers, who also take a few weeks of well-deserved vacation.

During the holiday weeks, the parents of the students can ensure that lessons continue on set days and times.


45-minute lessons

Packages Price per package (You don’t pay VAT)
36 lessons
(€ 75,- discount)
€ 1941
18 lessons
(€ 25,- discount)
€ 983
12 lessons € 672

Family Discount

For every additional student, a family discount of €75 is applied, when purchasing an annual package.

You can plan your holidays yourself.

Above prices are per student.

30-minute lessons (for 3, 4 & 5-year-old children)

Packages Price per package (You don’t pay VAT)
36 lessons ( school year *)
(€ 35,- discount)
€ 1405
18 lessons
(€ 15,- discount)
€ 705
12 lessons € 480

Family Discount

For every additional student, a family discount of €35 is applied, when purchasing an annual package.

You can plan your holidays yourself

Above prices are per student.

How can you arrange this for your school?

The government has reserved extra money in the coming period to eliminate the (Dutch language) problems by students due to the Corona time. If you as a school do not have enough manpower, but you would like extra Dutch language guidance for a number of children, you can sign up these students for language lessons at Dutch for Kids.

Nederlandse huiswerkbegeleiding via Skype

Register your school for a free introductory meeting via Skype or Zoom. You can choose to add 1 student or multiple students, they do not all have to be from the same group or have the same level.

We prefer 1 contact person per school. This contact person can then e-mail the information to the relevant teachers of the groups the children are in. The children will work 1 on 1 with a qualified Dutch teacher with (one of) these subjects:

  • language
  • spelling
  • reading rate
  • reading and listening comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • grammar

Geef de leerling hier op voor een gratis proefles


We offer tailor-made lessons for primary and secondary school children. It does not matter whether the students already speak Dutch well or have just come to live in the Netherlands. Based on an intake interview with the school, we look at where the development points of the student lie. On the basis of this, a lesson series is compiled for the student on which the child works for a fixed period.

Nederlandse huiswerkbegeleiding via Skype

First we make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting via Skype or Zoom, in which you can indicate what the child/children’s points of interest are. During this meeting we also discuss the reading level and possibly the test results.

Together with the teacher of Dutch for Kids, the student makes the exercises

The student makes the exercises together with the Dutch for Kids teacher. If the school has indicated that extra homework is desirable, the student will also spend about 45 minutes a week (at home) on homework.

The child then starts weekly lessons with one of our authorized teachers, at a fixed time. After a period of 12 or 18 weeks, we evaluate and decide whether the set goals have been achieved and whether the child has gained enough knowledge to continue independently without our help.

  • Contact between Dutch for Kids and the school is possible at the start of the process and during the interim evaluation.
  • You will receive all materials needed for the lesson by email or will be shared with the student during the lesson.
  • On the basis of tests and results, you get a clear picture of the child’s performance.
Nederlandse huiswerkbegeleiding via Skype

When planning the lessons, we take into account any prior knowledge about the Dutch language and the goals that the school wants to achieve.

All classes are online, via Skype or Zoom.

Request support

Do you want to have Dutch lessons support from NPO funds? Please leave your details below.

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Some children have non-Dutch-speaking parents and because of the lockdown have developed a big language deficit. They learn to speak the language well and quickly again within 3-6 months.
Other children have just come to live in the Netherlands and cannot follow the lessons in the classroom because it all goes too fast. They would then benefit better from an intensive teaching package of 2-3 lessons per week for 6 months.
Other children follow weekly Dutch lessons for several years in a row to keep their spelling, grammar or reading comprehension level up to date.