Dutch lessons for secondary school students via Skype or Zoom

Do you want your child to effectively get Dutch lessons from home via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom? We offer Dutch lessons for children all over the world.

At Dutch for Kids, your son or daughter studies at the level of Dutch secondary schools. We weekly work on:

  • writing Dutch (faster)
  • reading Dutch (faster)
  • reading comprehension
  • correctly apply spelling & grammar
  • Increase Dutch vocabulary

We’ll send all materials needed for the lesson to you by mail or post.

Dutch lessons for High School students via Skype

Based on tests and interim measurements that we take twice a year, you will receive a good and clear overview of your child’s performance.

We offer classes at the following levels:

  • VMBO
  • HAVO
  • VWO

We teach on three levels:

  1. To students who are already at a good level and who want to continue this for several years abroad, they can rejoin their peers when they move back to the Netherlands.
  2. To students who already speak Dutch but have never written it. They may be several years behind their peers. They may first have to go through the last 2 years of primary school and then start with secondary school lessons.
  3. To children who start at the very beginning and do not yet speak or write Dutch. For this, we use a tailor-made NT2 method.

Register your child here for a free trial lesson via Skype or Zoom

45-minute lessons

Packages Price per package (You don’t pay VAT)
36 lessons
(€ 75,- discount)
€ 1941
18 lessons
(€ 25,- discount)
€ 983
12 lessons € 672

Family Discount

For every additional student, a family discount of €75 is applied, when purchasing an annual package.

You can plan your holidays yourself.

Above prices are per student.

We offer

  • A one-time free introductory meeting & trial lesson
  • Private lessons from a qualified teacher
  • Lesson materials
  • Lessons from your own home via Skype or Zoom
  • Lessons that match the individual level of your child
  • An action plan in which goals are set for approximately 8-12 weeks. Parents can see this.
  • We carry out an evaluation every 8-12 weeks and we ask the following questions:
    • What have we achieved?
    • What goals do we still want to achieve?
    • What are the next steps?
  • 2x per year assessment
  • Reports twice a year

When you decide to let your child take the course after the free trial lesson, a personal goal plan will be created for your child.

Making this plan takes into account any prior knowledge of the Dutch language and the goals you want to achieve. In the target plan, you will find the content of the lessons that will take place.

All lessons are online, via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.


Some children can already speak a little Dutch, they learn to speak the language well and quickly within 3-6 months.
Other children will soon be living in the Netherlands and would like an intensive curriculum of 3 lessons per week, for 2 months.
Still, other children take weekly Dutch lessons for several years in a row to keep their Dutch language abroad up-to-date until the period comes when they move back to the Netherlands.

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