Samantha Braat

Samantha Braat – Secondary School Teacher

My name is Samantha Braat, and I’m 28 years old. After I finished my theater school in 2008, I started giving theater workshops. I liked this type of work, so I decided to get retrained as a teacher for secondary schools. As a secondary school teacher, you have to choose a specific subject, so I opted for Dutch.
Meanwhile, I’m going towards my 5th year of teaching at a secondary school in Gouda. I do this with lots of enthusiasm and passion. The most fun part of this work is the contact with the students. Every student is different and deserves personal attention, in both social and didactic areas. Once you’ve built up a good relationship with the pupils, they are motivated, and they’ll  learn a lot more than when you’re only there to transfer information to them.
And especially this possibility of personalized attention during the lessons is what appeals to me at Dutch for Kids. Since September 2015, I’m part of the Dutch for Kids teaching team; I love it!