Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to sign up children from Belgium for the Dutch lessons at Dutch for Kids?

Belgian children are welcome!

What are the costs per lesson?

By clicking here, you’ll find the costs.

Are the Dutch lessons only for Expat children?

All children who want to learn Dutch are welcome at Dutch for Kids. The children who want to read, write and speak at the level of the Dutch primary schools. Even children who are not planning to move to the Netherlands but want to learn Dutch at the highest possible level from abroad are welcome at Dutch for Kids.

In which weeks are there no lessons due to vacation?

This is different for all children and teachers. We make sure we do the 36 lessons per year. When you’re going on holiday, you can let the teacher know as soon as possible. The teachers also let you know when they are having their holidays.

Do I need to pay during the holidays, or if my child is sick/not able to make the lesson?

No, you only pay for the given lessons, also if your child is sick (or not able to make it). Please let us know at least 48 hours before the lesson starts and you don’t have to pay for your lesson.

When can I have my lessons?

This will be coordinated in consultation with you and the teacher. Due to the large time differences between the different parts of the world, there are daytime, evening, and weekend classes. When you apply for a trial lesson is desirable if you mention a number of available days and times on which you are available to have the lesson.

Which days can I choose for my lessons?

You can choose every day of the week.

You can make a proposal for a day and time on which you would like to have lessons. It is advisable to mail a few suggestions for days and times because of our availability.

In which countries does Dutch for Kids teach?

Dutch for Kids teaches children from all over the world. A few examples of countries (and places) where Dutch for Kids is currently teaching via Skype are: New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Thailand, Vermont, Chicago, Pakistan, South Korea, Oman, Curacao, St. Maarten, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, Norway, China (Shanghai), Germany, Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Perth), South Africa, The United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Africa (Nigeria and Kenya), Italy (Tuscany and Milan), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Poland, Romania, Sicily, Belgium, England, Sweden (Stockholm), America (New York), Brazil and Canada. Have a look at our country page for more info.

Do I have to pay for the lesson material?

No, the course material is included in the price. The course material will be mailed weekly to you prior to the lesson. Only when your child is following the method “Hotel Hallo” (which is optional) do you have to pay for the workbook and also if you want to buy extra workbooks from “Taal Actief” which are also optional.

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