Our vision

We strongly believe that all children like to learn new things.

Dutch for Kids teaches children, in a fun way, Dutch. It uses all the language subjects that are offered by the Dutch primary schools.


Our goal is that your child, after a period of residence abroad, can flow smoothly in a Dutch school. This will allow your child to integrate into Dutch society.

The teacher, the children, and parents set goals together to bring the children to a stage where they can speak, read and write Dutch at the level of the regular (primary) schools.

In order to achieve this objective, the teacher offers development-oriented language lessons.

Our vision of Dutch lessons - Dutch for Kids

Write Dutch words in the sand during the Hague Sport Camps

What this means in practice

  • The lessons are challenging.
  • The lessons will be based on the interests of your child.
  • The lessons will be offered on the level that suits your child because every child is unique!
  • We work on the basis of goals and a reward system whereby the children are motivated to do their homework.

The detailed explanation of developmental work can be found here.