Why online Dutch lessons for children?

In the online Dutch lessons of Dutch for Kids, your child learns to speak, write and read Dutch at the level of regular Dutch primary schools.

Every lesson we do the following subjects with the children:

Grammar – Spelling – Vocabulary – Reading Comprehension – Speed Reading 

Dutch-speaking children and adults living abroad are welcome to follow Dutch lessons via Skype or Zoom. In addition, we also give Dutch lessons to non-Dutch speaking children in the Netherlands or abroad (via Skype or at home).

The children work on a new interesting theme every week, so that they not only learn Dutch, but also learn a lot about Dutch customs and culture. Many materials, current messages and colorful pictures are used to make it as interesting as possible for the children.

In addition, all children at Dutch for Kids also work with the help of a digital learning environment. Our students work via Squla (as a parent you don’t have to pay anything for this). And all students from group 4 work with News Concept digitally. With this method, the students read weekly texts that deal with current topics that take place in the Netherlands. Together with the teacher, the children read texts and based on the texts they independently make their online homework.

The aim

The aim of this is that, after a period of residence abroad, your child can enter a Dutch (primary) school without any problems. This way, your child will integrate well into Dutch society.

You will receive a report every six months for your own administration. This report can be taken to the Dutch or Belgian (primary) school when you decide to return to your home country. In this way, the school can get a clear picture of your child’s language ability.

The teacher, the children and parents set goals together every six months to enable the children to reach a higher language level.

To achieve this objective, the teacher offers development-oriented language lessons. This means that the language method is always linked to a theme. In order to keep the lessons as interesting as possible for the children, they also learn a lot about things that happen in the Dutch News and the cultural background of the Netherlands.

Making Fields of words with Dutch for Kids

Making a field of words about your favorite sport