Why Dutch lessons for children abroad?

Are you an expat, or were you born in Holland?
Would you like your children to learn Dutch without having to go to school?
Are your children bilingual and do you want them to know more about the Dutch language?

At Dutch for Kids, your child learns how to speak, write and read Dutch on the level of the regular Dutch schools via Skype.

There’s structure for the children because we divide the subjects into the following sections:

Grammar – Spelling – Vocabulary – Reading Comprehension – Read rate

Making Fields of words with Dutch for Kids

Making a field of words about your favorite sport

In the above subjects, there will be:

  • A curriculum designed with targets for a particular period
  • Challenging lessons
  • Homework
  • The homework will be checked and questioned

After a given period, we’ll evaluate and set new goals together.

Our online Dutch lessons

Dutch lessons for children via Skype
Online Dutch lessons for children
Dutch course for adults via Skype
Online Dutch lessons for adults
Mini-Dutchies - Dutch lessons for children aged 3 to 6 years
Online Dutch lessons for toddlers