In the vibrant world of expat families, where suitcases and adventures go hand in hand, one thing takes precedence: maintaining the connection with home. Especially when your child has to smoothly reintegrate into the Dutch education system.

And here’s where the magic of Dutch for Kids comes into play; let me take you into the story of Sarah and Noah!

Sarah and Noah’s Story

Imagine two cheerful adventurers, Sarah and Noah (then 7 and 9 years old), who followed their Dutch lessons from sunny Africa through Dutch for Kids with me. They started in 2013 with just one hour per week, simply online via Skype.

What motivated these two children was the prospect of returning to the Netherlands in three years and working at the level of their peers. With that mindset, our lessons were always a celebration!

World Journey in an Hour

Our virtual classroom was always so cozy. Stories from the other side of the world mingled with the Dutch lesson. How cool is that?

Back to the Low Lands

After three years, it was time: Sarah and Noah packed their bags and returned to the Netherlands. The transition to their new class went very smoothly, a testament to the strength of their online language lessons. And then came their high school years; we continued with the online Dutch lessons upon their return.

Six years later, Sarah graduated with honors from the bilingual gymnasium, and two years later, Noah also graduated with excellent grades from his bilingual gymnasium.

More Than Language Chatter

At Dutch for Kids, it’s not just about learning language but creating an environment where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Thematic lessons and addressing current events ensure that the children are engaged and want to learn more about the topics. Meanwhile, we continue to adhere to the goals of the regular Dutch education system. Learning happens almost effortlessly in this way.

Building a Friendship

What began as an hour of online language lessons blossomed into a true friendship. Sarah, Noah, and their families are now like family to us. We occasionally message each other, and sometimes we even meet at birthdays.

That’s Dutch for Kids in a nutshell!

Online learning goes beyond letters and words. Dutch lessons are a celebration at Dutch for Kids.

This blog post is written by Anouk Hosman, co-owner of Dutch for Kids.

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