Hey expat parents!

At Dutch for Kids, we make language learning awesome, even from the other side of the world! Here are a few reasons why online lessons are a fantastic choice:

1. Certified Teachers from Everywhere:

Our teachers are amazing! They all work from their own living rooms, so no matter where you are, you always get top-notch lessons.

2. Time for Fun:

No commute! That means more time for cool hobbies and other homework. No fuss, just learning during class and enjoying your free time after your lesson.

3. Themes for Fun Learning:

No boring lessons here! Every week, we dive into cool themes like animals, space, firefighting – you name it! Learning becomes an adventure.

4. Flexible and Tailored:

We roll with your schedule. Start with one lesson a week, and if your child wants more, we’ll switch it up together. Easy and tailored to you!

5. No Book Stress:

You don’t need to buy expensive books with us. Everything is included in the price. Easy peasy!

6. Tests and Pride:

We do fun tests twice a year to see how well it’s going. Your child feels proud, and we know exactly what the next step is!

7. Cloudy Coziness:

Online is cool, but how about grabbing coffee with the teacher now and then? Totally doable! In fact, it makes it even more fun!

Got questions? Shoot us an email via this link. We’re ready to boost your language journey!

Best regards,

The Dutch for Kids Team

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