Online Dutch lessons via Skype

Do you live abroad with your family, or will you emigrate to The Netherlands soon?

Would you like to take Dutch online lessons via Skype, Google Meet, or Teams? Do you live in the Netherlands and feel your child needs extra Dutch lessons?

Or would you like your child to start with Dutch online lessons because you are moving to the Netherlands? Then you can register your child for the Dutch online classes at Dutch for Kids. You’ll have weekly lessons with your teacher.

Our experienced teachers all possess their PABO diplomas or Dutch teacher training. In addition, all our teachers have extensive experience teaching at a Dutch primary or secondary school. Since 2013, we have been teaching children from around the world from 2.5 to 18 years old.

The advantage of online lessons is that you can do them in your room or another quiet place in your house after your school day. The classes can continue if you like, even if you go on holiday.

You can plan the holidays and days off with your teacher and join us at any time of the year and any level.

Why you should choose Dutch online lessons at Dutch for Kids

  • You get personal online Dutch private lessons from your teacher
  • The teaching material is in line with the teaching material of Dutch primary and secondary schools
  • You do the lesson from your own home via Skype
  • The Dutch lessons match your level
  • You have an assessment and a report twice a year
  • Interim consultation with the teacher about the progress of your child is always possible
  • You get access to our digital learning environment

Online Dutch lessons via Skype, how does that work?

The first lesson of Dutch for Kids is a free trial lesson. A short introductory meeting will be scheduled before the free trial lesson. This initial meeting is planned with one of our teachers.

During the introductory meeting, you will discuss the following topics:

  • Your child’s home language and the motivation to learn Dutch.
  • Goals for the coming period and explanation of the following subjects:
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Reading Pace

After the introductory meeting, we will introduce you to the best teacher for your child. After all, every teacher has their specialties (toddlers, primary school, or secondary school).

If your child starts working at the secondary school level, your child will probably end up with a different teacher than if you register a 4-year-old for Dutch lessons.

You will first receive a free trial lesson at the level that suits your child well. When you have had contact with the teacher, the classes can start. If everything goes according to plan, we will make a lesson schedule for the coming period for your child, and the Dutch lessons can begin.

You’ll have weekly online lessons; after each lesson, your son or daughter will receive Dutch homework for the coming week from his teacher. Homework must be submitted before the next class begins.

Example: You live abroad, and your 8-year-old child is already at a reasonable level, but you want to keep it that way, and that’s why you start with the Dutch lessons at Dutch for Kids. He or she will then begin with the lessons of group 5. The teaching material will be sent to you weekly by e-mail, and we also have a digital learning environment where your child can log in.

To see how he or she is progressing, we do a test in January and May, followed by the report. You can save and use these reports when you want to move back to the Netherlands.

Start with our Dutch online lessons

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