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Online Dutch course for returning expat children

If you’re searching for a professional who can provide language, comprehension, spelling, grammar, or reading speed assistance to your students, then Dutch for Kids is the perfect place for your school.

At Dutch for Kids, we have been working closely with schools for several years to provide Dutch language support to students who have recently returned from an adventure abroad. Our programs are designed to help schools give their students a head start with the Dutch language.

The children will work one-on-one with a qualified Dutch teacher on one or more of these subjects:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary

How does it work?

Registration by School: Schools can approach us to enroll their students in Dutch language classes. We are ready to engage in a conversation. One of our teachers will promptly contact the school to discuss their needs.

Information for Parents: Subsequently, we compile a useful information email for parents. This email contains everything they need to know about our classes, registrations, and more.

Registration by Parents: Parents can then enroll their children in our Dutch classes themselves. The great thing is that the classes can be attended from home, without disrupting the normal school routine.

Lesson Frequency and Homework: We offer flexible lessons that can take place weekly or twice a week, in close collaboration with the school and parents. Homework is also tailored to the needs and capabilities.

Billing to School: The costs for the Dutch lessons are invoiced to the school.

Our pride

What brings us the most joy is witnessing the growth of our students.

Often, when they come to us, there’s an urgent need from both school and home to quickly begin the lessons.

Sometimes, we support these students for six months, a year, or even several years. And it’s always beautiful to see how they flourish within the Dutch system until the moment they graduate with pride

Contact us

If you also want to provide your students with a solid foundation in Dutch, please fill in the contact form below. We would love to have a conversation with you to explore how we can support your students.

We look forward to a great collaboration where we elevate the Dutch language proficiency of your students to new heights. Together, we are strong!


45-minute lessons

InstallmentsPrice per installment (You don’t pay VAT)
36 lessons€ 2046 (€ 150,- discount)
18 lessons€ 1053 (€ 45,- discount)
12 lessons€ 732

Family Discount

If you purchase 36 lessons for several students, you will receive a discount of €75 for the second and subsequent student.

Did you know?

  • Above prices are per student.
  • You can take any lessons left over to the next school year.
  • You can plan your holidays yourself, in consultation with your teacher.
  • You will always pay the same price; we do not increase prices for current customers.

What’s included?

  • Free introductory conversation
  • Free trial lesson
  • Online Dutch private lessons from a qualified teacher
  • Required teaching materials
  • Lessons from the comfort of your home via Skype, Zoom, or Teams
  • Dutch lessons tailored to your child’s individual level
  • Biannual assessment and report
  • Interim discussions with the teacher about your child’s progress
  • Access to our digital learning environment

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Online Nederlandse les vanuit Spanje!


  • At school, some children may benefit from a little extra attention in language, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary, or grammar. These children thrive in a one-on-one setting and then confidently apply the acquired knowledge at school.
  • On the other hand, there are children who have recently returned to the Netherlands after a stay abroad. They face the challenge of preparing well for (CITO) tests (in grades 7 and 8). Through weekly Dutch lessons at Dutch for Kids, their vocabulary expands, spelling and grammar improve, and their comprehension skills grow.
  • Children with dyslexia are also warmly welcomed to take Dutch lessons at Dutch for Kids. We approach spelling rules in a playful manner to boost confidence, enabling the children to participate in school lessons with more enjoyment.

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