How can you ensure that your children, who may not be physically growing up in the Netherlands, remain connected to the news and culture of their homeland? At Dutch for Kids, we’ve developed a unique approach to make this possible: weekly online news readings via


At Dutch for Kids, we believe it’s essential for our students to not only learn the language but also gain a good understanding of Dutch culture and society. That’s why we’ve integrated the reading of current news articles into our online lessons. Every week, we visit the Jeugdjournaal website with our students and discuss a recent news item that aligns with their interests and worldview.


Imagine this: your child loves animals. Together, we’ll search for a news article related to animal welfare or perhaps an exciting adventure involving a pet. Is your child a fan of fast cars? We’ll look for news about Dutch racers like Max Verstappen. The possibilities are endless, and the curiosity of our students is continuously sparked by the engaging headlines on


This approach not only provides a fun way to practice the Dutch language but also offers numerous learning opportunities. By reading news articles, our students enhance their reading comprehension skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve their grammatical knowledge. Moreover, their reading speed increases, all without feeling like an effort. Our students enjoy learning more about topics that interest them.

Developmental learning

At Dutch for Kids, we strongly believe in developmental learning, where we cater to the individual interests and needs of our students. It’s much more than just turning a page in a book and moving on to the next lesson. It’s an interactive and engaging way to discover the Dutch language and culture.

If you’re interested in our online lessons and want your son or daughter to benefit from this unique approach to learning, we invite you to enroll your child in Dutch for Kids. Perhaps we’ll see your child online soon, ready to explore the world of the Dutch language and culture. See you at Dutch for Kids!

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