Studying in the Netherlands as an expat child

Studying in the Netherlands as an expat child
Are you going to study at a Dutch university soon and do you need online Dutch lessons?
The teachers of Dutch For Kids are ready to guide you in this process.

Picture this: you’re a teenager living abroad, knowing that when your 18th birthday arrives, you’ll embark on your journey to study in the Netherlands.

What should you know? What about those entrance tests some universities require? How can you ensure your Dutch skills are not only conversation-ready with Dutch peers but also adept at dissecting complex textbook passages?

Here at Dutch For Kids, we’re ready to guide you every step of the way on this adventure, ensuring you effortlessly breeze through the university or college entrance exam and step into your studies in the Netherlands with unwavering confidence.

For expat children gearing up to study in the Netherlands, transitioning into the Dutch education system can pose a challenge. That’s why, at Dutch For Kids, we’ve crafted a program tailored specifically to prepare these students for their academic odyssey in the Netherlands. Whether you’re already in the Netherlands or still abroad, our online Dutch lessons are meticulously designed to prep you for your upcoming journey to a Dutch-speaking university.

A pivotal aspect of this preparation is acing the language test, a requirement for some colleges and universities. This test ensures students are proficient enough in Dutch to thrive in their studies. At Dutch For Kids, we’re dedicated to equipping our students for this language test through our comprehensive online Dutch lessons.

During these lessons, we hone in on various language facets crucial for academic triumph, including grammar, writing prowess, listening comprehension, speaking fluency, and reading comprehension.

  • Grammar: We assess students’ grammar proficiency, covering verb conjugation, tense usage, and sentence structure.
  • Writing Skills: We assist students in crafting compelling arguments on diverse topics and articulating clear opinions on texts.
  • Listening Comprehension: We practice comprehension by answering questions about excerpts we listen to together.
  • Speaking Fluency: Students learn to articulate their viewpoints clearly in monologues and practice engaging in conversations on various topics.
  • Reading Comprehension: Together, we delve into informative, reflective, and persuasive texts, expanding students’ vocabulary and enhancing their focused reading skills.

Through this comprehensive preparation, we empower expat children to confidently and thoroughly transition into higher education in the Netherlands. Curious to learn more about how we can support you on your academic journey in the Netherlands? 

Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary introductory chat. We’re here to bolster you at every turn of the process.

Dutch lessons for children in Australia
Teacher Nicolette got a special visit; her students Jochem and Camiel came to visit her… all the way from Australia! 🐊🌞🕷🐨🐍
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What does the student need?

  • A quiet workspace and well-functioning internet. This way, he/she can work undisturbed with one of the Dutch for Kids teachers for 45 minutes per lesson.
  • A printer to print out teaching materials that can be written on during class.
  • A binder in which the teaching materials and homework can be stored.

We work with blocks of 12, 18, or 36 lessons per student. The student can have lessons with one of our teachers once, twice, or 3 times a week.

You can opt for extra homework or only have homework during class.

Online Dutch summer school

It’s also possible to let the students continue during the summer period. This, of course, is in consultation with our teachers, who also take a few weeks of well-deserved vacation in the summer.


45-minute lessons

Installments Price per installment (You don’t pay VAT)
36 lessons € 1948 (€ 140,- discount)
18 lessons € 999 (€ 45,- discount)
12 lessons € 696

Family Discount

If you purchase 36 lessons for several students, you will receive a discount of €75 for the second and subsequent student.

Did you know?

  • Above prices are per student.
  • You can take any lessons left over to the next school year.
  • You can plan your holidays yourself, in consultation with your teacher.

30-minute lessons (for 3, 4 & 5-year-old children)

Installments Price per installment (You don’t pay VAT)
36 lessons € 1412 (€ 100,- discount)
18 lessons € 726 (€ 30,- discount)
12 lessons € 504

Family Discount

If you purchase 36 lessons for several students, you will receive a discount of €35 for the second and subsequent student.

Did you know?

  • Above prices are per student.
  • You can take any lessons left over to the next school year.
  • You can plan your holidays yourself, in consultation with your teacher.

Get started with Dutch online lessons at Dutch for Kids!

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Way of work

We offer tailor-made lessons for primary and secondary school students. It doesn’t matter whether the students already speak Dutch well or have just come to live in the Netherlands. Based on an intake interview with the parents and student, we look at where the development points of the student lie. Based on this, a lesson series is compiled for the student on which the child works for a fixed period.

First, we make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting via Skype or Zoom, where you can indicate the child/children’s points of interest. During this conversation, we also discuss the reading level and possibly the test results.

The online Dutch lessons help you prepare, in the Netherlands or abroad, for your arrival at a Dutch-speaking university.

The student then starts weekly lessons with one of our authorized teachers at a fixed time. After a period of 12 or 18 weeks, we evaluate and decide whether the goals set have been achieved and whether the student has acquired sufficient knowledge to continue independently without our help.

  • Contact between the Dutch for Kids teacher and the school is possible at the start of the trajectory and during the interim evaluation.
  • You will receive all materials needed for the lesson by email or will be shared with the student during the lesson.
  • Based on tests and intermediate measurements, you get a clear picture of the student’s performance.

When planning the lessons, we consider any prior knowledge about the Dutch language and the goals the student wants to achieve.

All classes are online via Skype or Zoom.

We provide lessons for: 


  • Some students know they want to study in the Netherlands within the next few years. They take weekly online Dutch lessons at Dutch For Kids until the period has come when they move to the Netherlands and can start at a Dutch university after the language test.
  • Other students come to live in the Netherlands within a few months and want to take a crash course in Dutch to take the language test afterward. They can then, filled with self-confidence, take the Dutch language test after they have had online Dutch lessons with us for several months.
  • Still, other children do not yet know whether they want to start a Dutch or English study in the Netherlands. They start with Dutch lessons to ensure they can study their choice when they know what study they want to go for.

Which study programs can you choose at Dutch universities? This link will take you to the page with an overview of all Dutch universities. Have fun choosing!

“Will we see you soon at the free trial lesson?”

Our dedicated and certified teachers are here to help:

Anouk Hosman
Gijs Hosman
Samantha Braat
Amarins - Dutch for Kids
Amarins Postma
Anita van Leerdam
Anna - Dutch for Kids
Anna Sander
Annemarie Lueks
Arianne Verbeek
Camille - Dutch for Kids
Camille Nijenhuis
Hanneke - Dutch for Kids
Hanneke Aker
Hinke Wijngaard
Inge - Dutch for Kids
Inge Darquennes
Jolanda - Dutch for Kids
Jolanda Smeets
Marielle - Dutch for Kids
Mariëlle Zaagman
Marjolein - Dutch for Kids
Marjolein Mansheijm
Marrit - Dutch for Kids
Marrit Postma
Martine - Dutch for Kids
Martine Pietersma
Nicolette Vlaardingerbroek
Pauline - Dutch for Kids
Pauline Groenenberg
Rebecca van Leeuwen - Docent bij Dutch for Kids
Rebecca van Leeuwen
Susanne - Dutch for Kids
Susanne Kolff
Vera - Dutch for Kids
Vera Eysink

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