As a teacher at Dutch for Kids, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in the inspiring story of Elysia and Lily, two sisters from New Zealand who found their way to the Netherlands.

When Elysia and Lily’s family had to move to the Netherlands for their father’s work, their parents knew they had to do everything possible to make the transition as smooth as possible for their daughters. That’s where Dutch for Kids came into the picture.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy. Elysia and Lily started at the language school, and everything was new: culture, environment, and friends.

But together, we got to work. They always did their homework super well and were ready for each lesson on time. After months of dedicated work, they were ready to take the step to a Dutch secondary school in their city. It was an exciting moment for all of us.

Besides their schoolwork, Elysia and Lily discovered their love for modern ballet here. In ballet class, they made new friends, and it was also very nice for them to be able to speak Dutch better and better.

At one point, I even got to attend one of their performances, so beautiful! That mix of being a Dutch teacher and a friend is a bond that goes much further than just being a teacher, because you also occasionally interact with each other on a personal level.

The day finally came when they could continue without my help, fully integrated into Dutch society. So, the last lesson was a mix of laughter and tears.

For me, guiding Elysia and Lily was more than just teaching. It was sharing in their adventure, seeing their growth on a personal and social level. It was a reminder of the power of education and the resilience of us as humans.

Now, years later, I look back on the story of Elysia and Lily with a smile; we still keep in touch thankfully. They have grown into confident, bilingual young women. And although they no longer need my lessons, they will always remain in my heart.

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