Online Dutch lessons for kids who come back to the nethederlands

Today, I would like to share a personal success story about Jurriaan, highlighting the impact of online language education for expat children.

Jurriaan, one of my students, takes center stage in this story. His family lived in Italy, and his parents wanted to ensure that Jurriaan maintained his proficiency in the Dutch language. This led them to the decision to opt for online lessons, with me teaching from the Netherlands and Jurriaan attending classes from Italy, all through Skype.

Jurriaan had to overcome some difficulties during his time in online grade 7 that he did with me, particularly with dyslexia and the demanding nature of the curriculum. Despite these obstacles, he persevered, and by the end of the school year, he was fully prepared for the transition to grade 8.

He moved to Holland during the summer holiday. The shift was smooth but not without its challenges. Due to his previous years of English education in Italy, Jurriaan had to adapt to switching between languages. Recognizing the value of continuity, Jurriaan’s parents decided to continue with the online Dutch lessons.

Every Wednesday afternoon, we were ready for our Skype sessions. With his homework in order, Jurriaan enthusiastically shared his experiences with the Dutch education system. His hard work paid off, and Jurriaan made significant progress. I really admired his adaptability.

After six months of additional lessons, Jurriaan received a surprising school recommendation: bilingual gymnasium! Wow, well done! His parents were thrilled, Jurriaan was ecstatic, and I felt proud to have played a role in his development.

Over time, we gradually reduced the lessons, and Jurriaan became independent. Witnessing a child grow and become self-sufficient is a gratifying experience.

If you’re moving back to the Netherlands with your child soon, I invite you to reach out for a free trial lesson. We’re ready at Dutch for Kids to assist with a smooth transition.

This blog post was written by Anouk Hosman, Owner of Dutch for Kids.

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