Have you and your family just moved to the Netherlands and would you like to watch some fun movies with your kids? Then you’ve come to the right place! Watching movies is not only enjoyable, but it can also help you learn the Dutch language better.

That’s why we’ve selected five great children’s films for 2024 that you can watch on NPO, the Dutch Public Broadcaster. You need to become a member of NPO Start for this, a subscription costs €2.95 per month. Let’s take a look at the films!

Meester Kikker: In this film, you’ll discover the exciting adventure of the class teacher who turns out to be secretly a frog! It’s a funny story full of mystery and friendship. Watch here: Meester Kikker on NPO

Pluk van de Petteflet: Meet Pluk, a boy who lives in the Petteflet and becomes friends with all the colorful residents of the building. Together they experience all kinds of adventures. A film full of fantasy and coziness! Watch here: Pluk van de Petteflat on NPO

Abeltje: Abeltje works in a department store where he steps into a magical elevator that takes him to exotic destinations. But not everything goes according to plan! An adventurous film full of surprises and humor. Watch here: Abeltje on NPO

Minoes: Minoes is a cat who has turned into a human, but she still loves mice! She befriends a journalist and together they unravel a big secret. A charming film full of magic and friendship. Watch here: Minoes on NPO

Ailo, the Brave Reindeer: Meet Ailo, an adorable reindeer who grows up in the wilderness of Lapland. Follow his adventurous journey as he makes new friends and learns about life in nature. A beautiful film full of stunning landscapes and touching moments. Watch here: Ailo, the Brave Reindeer on NPO

It’s a nice and cozy way to not only enjoy stories and adventures, but also to get to know the Dutch language better.

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