How do we work

The first lesson of Dutch for Kids is a free trial lesson. During this lesson the following topics will be addressed:

  • The home language of your child and the motivation to learn Dutch.
  • Goals for the upcoming period in Grammar – Spelling – Vocabulary – Reading Comprehension – Read rate

Learn to write words in a playful manner - Dutch for Kids

First paint, then write matching words next to the painting

About the lessons

  • We recommend weekly appointments in relation to the given homework.
  • You determine the number of lessons per week. Lessons can be given during daytime or in the evening, and even on weekends!
  • In consultation with you, we’ll provide a period plan.
  • During the lesson, we will check homework and discuss it with your child.
  • We’ll explain new topics and set homework for the next week.
  • After a given period, tests will be made to determine the progress of your child.

What do you need?

  • You’ll need a computer with Skype installed.
  • Your child needs a binder with tabs in it, as an archive for homework.

Have a look at our Dutch lessons for more information.

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